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Members of AVAM's "Fan Club" are the backbone of our museum, providing support for our innovative exhibitions and programming. Your membership is not only a great value, providing free and behind-the-scenes access throughout the year, but also supports our mission of bringing visionary art to and inspiring individual creativity in the public. Members have an inside seat to AVAM through regular updates and special events, so join today and truly be "in the know" with AVAM! To learn more about AVAM's Fan Club Membership, click the link below or contact Melissa Mauro: or 410-244-1900 x238.

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The generous support of our fans and donors, big and small, new and old, near and far, allows us to fulfill our mission of inspiring wonder and creativity in all. 'The Visionary' is truly an artistic treasure, and there are many ways that you can give. DONATE NOW to give an essential gift to the museum, or click the link below (Ways You Can Support AVAM) to get some ideas of how you can participate. For more information on giving to AVAM, contact Nancy Rome: by emailing or by calling her at 410-244-1900 x247.

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Be a part of the amazing sights & wonders here at AVAM when you volunteer! Make new friends while you support the museum by generously donating your time to help us fufill our mission as the national museum and education center for intuitive artistry. From our all volunteer Docent program, to our spirited team of 100+ Kinetic volunteers – when you volunteer at AVAM, you will be a part of something truly amazing! To sign-up or learn more about our volunteer opportunities at AVAM, contact Sara Pike: or 410-244-1900 x216.

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